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My Outfit Monday: An engagement party ensemble to kick off Wedding Week



Today marks the start of our second annual Wedding Week, a time-honored Deal Divas tradition in which we answer very important questions like Am I terrible person if I wear a black dress as a wedding guest? and What the heck does "black tie optional" mean?. Last time we did Wedding Week, Deal Diva Katie was getting married. This time, I am. So to kick it off, here is a very special My Outfit Monday from the engagement party some friends held for my fiance and I this weekend.

The party was a low-key affair held at 3 Daughters, a brewery in St. Petersburg, because it's hard to do much in St. Petersburg that doesn't involve a brewery right now. They have a great warehouse space out back, and the vibe was decidedly chill. I wanted to dress up, obvs, but given the setting I didn't want to get too overdressed. I briefly considered a fitted long-sleeve leopard-print dress but found it hard to picture myself sipping an Oatmeal Stout in such an ensemble.

The other thing to consider as I waded through my closet Saturday afternoon: weather.

Not sure if you've heard, people schlepping through snow storms up north, but Florida has been having a cold January. Some days, it does not even get out of the 50s. How we go on, I do not know. But for this particular outfit, that meant no bare legs, no sleeveless, no open-toe shoes. (Guys, I am a native Floridian. Brr.) Oh, and did I mention it was raining?

I did want to work some bling and some white into my outfit, because, bride, so I chose this J. Crew Factory flare skirt, purchased during one of their extra-percentage-off-clearance sales last year for around $20. It's white with navy, light blue, silver and gold embellishments, plus it has an exposed zipper to cut the fanciness a bit. I paired that with black tights and black boots (see above weather complaint) and a chambray shirt. Now, I tried on many shirts before the chambray saved me from being swallowed whole by my closet. I tried on sweaters, which paired with the tights and boots looked a little too My So-Called Life. I tried on a sleeveless Peter Pan-collared shirt, then stepped outside and promptly turned into an icicle. Finally, I Goldilocks-ed my way into this shirt, which I bought on Macy's clearance years ago for no more than $15. It's super light-weight, and normally buttons all the way down, but I left two or three buttons undone and tied it to give the outfit some shape, and for some added edge. I decided to get really dangerous and top the whole thing off with my black "leather" jacket (inspiration: this) and some very sparkly earrings that I wished I had remembered to take a separate photo of.

One of my friends presented me with a veil upon arrival, so I stuck it in my hair and think it really completes the look.

Tell us, readers, anything you wish to get out of Wedding Week? Any style advice you're desperately seeking about going to, being in or crashing a wedding? Leave us a comment, or get at us here.



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