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My Outfit Monday: An introduction to our newest blogger

Here's my version of fashion intern drag, fresh for fall and wind blown for effect.

Stephanie Hayes/Times

Here's my version of fashion intern drag, fresh for fall and wind blown for effect.



So you may have noticed when my bio popped up on the right side of the Deal Divas homepage and asked yourself, "Who is this person, really?"

Today, I give you my answer.

My personal style is all over the place from cool kid in custom Converse to country club chic complete with cardigans and pearls. My style has always been guided by whether something feels comfortable and if I'll regret the pictures later on. 

When I'm shooting for cool, only one picture pops into my mind. For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and the crazy, impractical styles that emerge from the celebrities populating the front row. Just behind them in the candids or being photographed on the streets are the real heroes of fashion: the design house and magazine interns.

An army of Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway's character in The Devil Wears Prada) dash around behind the scenes looking effortlessly cool in functional outfits that are on trend but never uncomfortable. So here's my favorite look, a mix of hard and soft, of trendy and classic, of practical and flashy. I'm serving fashion intern drag for my first My Outfit Monday. 

The dress is an old Forever 21 piece picked up on the clearance rack for $15. I paired it with $10 polka dot tights from Target and $20 Apt. 9, gladiator booties from Kohl's. Topped off with a $20 Bar III faux leather jacket scooped up from Macy's on Black Friday 2013, I feel ready to take on whatever Miranda Priestly throws out. And I definitely may look more suited to the New York subways than the St. Petersburg sidewalks. 

Still, if this is an introduction to Robbyn Mitchell, Deal Diva, I think its pretty apt. Nothing's too expensive, and it's all been curated over time. It's a look that creeps right up to the border of costume, but somehow manages not to cross the line. 

I'll change my look a lot as we go along. (My hairstyles usually change with the week.) But this will always be the through line in my looks, '"Is it comfortable? Will I regret being photographed in it?" That's just who I am.

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