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My Outfit Monday: Back to the Target rack



Over the years, friends have joked that I could singlehandedly keep Target afloat with my clothing and accessories purchases alone. And as we all know, jokes are often rooted in a modicum of truth.

To that end, I put myself on a self-imposed ban a few months ago: Wandering around Tar-jay just for wandering's sake was out, as were quick trips for a specific dinner item. Only shop with friends who are well-versed in pep talks that might resemble a Hollywood police negotiation scene ..."Stop! Slowly lower the stack of sweaters back onto the nice table then back away with your hands up and this Taco Bell gift card I have here for you doesn't get hurt..."

Sooooo, yeah, the bad news is I broke the ban last week. But, but, wait, there's good news! All the pep talks must've worked like Pavlov's charm because I'm proud to announce that I successfully navigated a solo Target trip with only one clothing purchase!

I initially scanned the entire clothing and jewelry section and managed to walk away empty-handed. But somewhere between greeting cards and cereal, the clearance tag on this gorgeous floral sheath dress eeked its way into my peripherals.

Y'all know my struggle. It's hard to find dresses that are work-appropriate yet flattering. It looks equally great with heels and flats (a must for journos). Transitions well between spring and summer, work and happy hour. And at $17, it was a steal!

But I'll let you all judge. Was this purchase a good go or a no-no?

[Last modified: Monday, August 18, 2014 3:54pm]


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