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My Outfit Monday: Dark and stormy, but fun

My dark and stormy outfit might have blended in with today's eerie weather were it not for a last-minute infusion of bright accessories.

Let's skip that I'm wearing a lot of black pants and flats in the heat of summer (did I mention my ankle injury and accompanying bulky brace?) and focus on how I'm coping with limitation.

The faux-wrap blouse is a favorite, flattering top, and it cost me nothing. Deal Diva Alumna Emily gave it to me in one of her signature, generous closet cleanouts. The stormy mix of blue, black, teal and grey gives me plenty to work with in makeup and accessories. The real takeaway here though is to clean out your closets -- your "meh" whatever could make someone else's day.  

Okay, now the bag. It's a cross-body, as I require, but I tucked in the black straps and utilized it as a clutch for my high-budget photo shoot. I was thrilled when I saw it for a decent price in Misred Outfitters two months ago -- so thrilled by the dots and neon green that I didn't realize the weird, vintage buy I thought I secured is really just H&M. That sucked the fun out of it for only a second because I really love it.

Remember how I was not buying this Modcloth blazer, and then I just bought it? Yep, there it is again in today's photo. But look at the surprise coral lining!

It's probably hard to see from the pics, but I broke out of my light, minimalist makeup routine with bronze eyeshadow and light pink lip gloss. I play where I can.

Finally, ze jewels. See, my podiatrist prescribed a J. Crew statement necklace as part of my pathway to health. I'm pretty positive that's what he suggested I pick up for casual therapy when he said "get ankle weights." Luckily, I found this one on sale at International Plaza ($20, not bad, huh?), and I've been wearing it like a dog collar. I'm feeling healed already.

Let me know what you think!

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