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My Outfit Monday: Daylight Savings Edition



Happy first day back to work after losing an hour of sleep! It's My Outfit Monday, and I'm feeling every bit of Daylight Savings Time, as evidenced in this overly-posed and sleepy-looking photo. But I tried, guys. I'm wearing some trusty investment pieces today mixed with lower-end items, including my Gap Perfect Trousers that I shelled out some $60 for but wear just about every week, so they've paid for themselves by now. In fact, now that I look at them in this sleepy light, they're looking a little big and more shapeless than they used to. Either Weight Watchers is working, or I need to invest in a new pair. They're well worth, in any case. They wash wonderfully and they have a nice tab front to keep everything in place all day. And, for shorties like me, they come in petite. My shoes, nude Antonio Melani slingbacks, have also been worn to death and I am in the market for some replacements. Might have to hit DSW this week.

On top, I went with a navy Kenneth Cole blouse procured on clearance and a Chanel-inspired tweed jacket I found on a big sale at Cache. I don't always go into that store, but the signs advertising dirt cheap prices in the back pulled me in recently, and I found this baby on sale for about $30, marked down from well over $100. My favorite part is something you can't even see -- a little gold chain inside on the tag, as you'll see in the slideshow. I just like knowing that little bit of hardware is back there, like a secret.

My accessories are confusing as well, as Izzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Hmm? Oh, sorry, I nodded off for a second. Anyway, I went to Las Vegas in October and stopped into Marc by Marc Jacobs in Caesars Palace. Oh, how I wish we had one of his boutiques here. Some of the clothes are still pricey, but the impulse accessories are totally affordable and laden with the Marc Jacobs insignia. I picked up a silver heart pendant for Deal Diva Katie for her birthday, and a gold key necklace on a black cord for myself. I wore it with great excitement. Then everyone started saying things like, "Are you a janitor?" "How's the latch key program?" And I would be all, "IT'S FASHION. IT'S MARC JACOBS."

Anyway, I decided to try something new. I ditched the black cord and slung the key around a Forever 21 Eiffel Tower pendant on a metal chain. I think it makes it look more intentional, and the heart shape on the key matches the romance of Paris, or something like that. Only problem is, now it clanks when I walk. This is still a work in progress, but I'm going to make it happen. I'm doing it for Marc, everyone.

Oh my gosh. Need to lie down. Hope you all make it through this Monday in some kind of outfit. It's all we can ask.

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