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My Outfit Monday: Dressed for success

Me, my outfit and some old-timey newspaper gadgets.

Photo by Ellen Clarke, friend of Divas

Me, my outfit and some old-timey newspaper gadgets.



Fact: I obsess over Claire Underwood’s wardrobe even more than Cookie Lyon’s. So it was only natural after binge-watching half of the latest season of House of Cards that I went straight for a below-the-knee pencil skirt on my first day back from my Netflix-induced stupor.


Now, brace yourself: I bought this Halogen slit-front skirt for $5 at the Dress for Success Tampa Bay excess inventory sale two weekends ago. It still had Nordstrom tags on it and is featured at the top of the store’s Halogen web page. BOOYAH! You too can steal it for $30 at Nordstrom Rack.

My top is also a Dress For Success find. $5 for an H&M blouse that I probably could have bought for $5 on clearance at some point, but that’s much less fulfilling than supporting a good cause. I particularly enjoy the wrist detail.

At first, I threw caution to the wind and knotted this button-down in front, which was cute and slightly retro. But then I chickened out for reasons unknown. I may switch back, though, because I’ve caught the office death cold and desire comfort.

Onto the shoes: These burgundy tapered-heel T-straps are from ModCloth, so they have a cute name: The Zest Is History. I got them on sale for $25 in an effort to add lower heels to my collection (SHOCK, HORROR!) because getting to the office now involves walking a gazillion miles around a construction site. There are brick alleys and polka-dot crosswalk speed bumps and, quite frankly, I was beginning to fear for the lives of my ankles. Right now they’re $45.

My accessories are minimal: One thin gold arrow ring and a teeny gold chevron necklace because, really, it’s all about the conniving First Lady-inspired skirt.

Do you think Claire would be proud?

P.S. Here's the rest of my DFS haul, minus the three skirts I didn't take pictures of because I straight up forgot. Yes, that's a Michael Kors bag. $10.

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