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My Outfit Monday: First choice for the win?

I went through about four outfits this morning before circling back to this dress, which ironically was the first thing I grabbed from my closet when I woke.

So I guess you could say this post is all about trusting oneself.

It's hard though. I've worn this dress (snagged from the vintage rack at MISRED Outfitters a few years ago) only a handful of times. It goes in and out of The Pile (a.k.a the huge mound of clothes that may or may not make it one day to the Salvation Army). I simultaneously love it and am wary of it.

Red all over, plaid all over ... I can't help wondering, does it REALLY work for me? Today, I decided it did.

But what do you guys think?

I'm have less squishy feelings about the rest of my ensemble. The low-heeled shoes (Nine West) were a sensible and stylish investment from Off Broadway Shoes a few months back. On many feet they might qualify as "nude," but for me they're just a nice pale neutral.

The lilac necklace is one that I've had in my jewely box for quite some time. Unclear where it came from.

I actually had quite a bit of fun with my hair today, literally twisting it all the way around (and up!) my head. I was fiddiling with my phone and accidentally deleted a couple close-up pictures Deal Diva Katie took, so you guys are stuck with a desk selfie of the top(ish) of my head. You get the gist.

Happy Monday!





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