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My Outfit Monday: It was a dark and stormy morning — outside and in my closet



For a woman who has lived in Florida going on 10 years, I am grossly unprepared for rainy weather.

I had a pair of floral print rubber boots for awhile, but I wore a hole into the soles years ago and never got new ones. I also had this great $15 tan rain jacket from Walmart that I left in a college library, never to be seen again.

But I do have an umbrella. Or, rather, an umbrella a friend left at my apartment.

So I decided this morning, sifting through my dry weather wardrobe as rain poured outside, that I would use it as my outfit inspiration.

I went for mainly black and white so the red from the umbrella would pop. I also wanted something on the cozier side because all I really wanted to do today was laze around in my pajamas. 

I borrowed the plaid shirt a few weeks ago from a friend and fellow reporter, Colleen Wright. It's super soft and light, making it ideal for both the humidity and the perpetually cold newsroom.

While it's getting hard to believe at this point, the rest of the outfit is my own stuff.

The pants I bought just last week for $35 from Old Navy. They're high-waisted and stretchy, so they basically feel like leggings — perfect for under-the-desk naps.

The flats are Dr. Scholl's and have become my go-to rain shoes because they're durable and seem to repel water. I threw on the Gap Factory iridescent belt, one of my all-time favorite outlet mall finds, to pull everything together.

So if your rainy day wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired like mine, you, too, can prey on your forgetful friends to turn around a practical and cute outfit. The bad weather is expected to continue through Wednesday, though, so I guess I should be a good friend or something and return that umbrella... 

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