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My Outfit Monday: Taking the cake



Happy late Monday afternoon! I'd normally post earlier, but I knew I was getting a lovely cake about this time and would be posing for pictures anyway. Why, you ask? Well, you know we Deal Divas have full-time reporting jobs in addition to telling you not to wear those shoes with that dress. Some of us write about government, some of us write about crime. Until today, my most recent beat had been covering higher education. But in a very thrilling life twist for me, I'm moving on to be the performing arts critic for the Tampa Bay Times!

As a former (and current) theater nerd, I'm extremely excited and overwhelmed. To send me on my way into new territory, my friends in the newsroom gave me a cake that says "You're no Fleming, but you'll do." That's in reference to our former critic, John Fleming, who retired. I know they're teasing me, but I have to agree. His shoes are much too big for anyone to fill.

I'll still be a Deal Diva. Do not fear. And maybe I'll post some My Outfit Monday shots from the opera!

Today, I'm wearing a pink bouse from New York & Company, a favorite recent acquisition. I love the color and I love even more that it's not skin-tight, giving me maximum room for chocolate cake consumption. The skirt is from H&M and is covered in tiny stars (appropriate, I thought, for the new job). And my shoes are very exclusive (ahem, Payless).

But the best piece, which is blocked by my lanyard in the outfit pic but lives on in the slideshow, is my funky fishbone necklace. I picked it up at Knot on Main Street, my FAVORITE antique mall, located in beautiful Dunedin. I go in there at least once a month to see what's new. My past Knot on Main purchases have included a 1960s chair, a Relpo lady head vase, a hot pink picture frame and a zebra lamp. I currently have my eye on a bar cart shaped like a swan. I like things in the shape of critters, apparently.

Showtime! Well, right after I get the cake out of my teeth.

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