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My Outfit Monday: The resolution to bare arms



It is 2016 and I am 31 and it has taken me this long to acknowledge that my arms are not the worst.

Like many inexplicably self-conscious women, I have this hangup when it comes to baring the region between my elbow and my collar bone. Even during my collegiate rowing years when I had the tannest, most sculpted arms in all the land, I hid them.

But as I grow older wiser, I find myself wishing that I had been confident enough in the past to flaunt what I had when I still had it. And right now, I still have arms that are not the worst.

It is their time.

This year, among my few doable resolutions is to embrace my upper appendages because A.) They are not the worst; B.) It is hot in Florida; and C.) I have been limiting my style choices and enough is enough.

And thus it is with my first My Outfit Monday of 2016 that I present to you Lefty and Righty. Also, this is what I wore to ring in the new year.

You may know by now that I own far too many sequin dresses. Yet on New Year’s Eve, the Night of the Sequin Dress, none of them felt right. My boyfriend and I had plans to bar hop and watch the fireworks on Clearwater Beach. Our aim was low-key comfort. Still, I craved sparkle.

That’s why I chose a sequin, drapeneck top by Jennifer Lopez that I picked up during power hours at Kohl’s. My natural reflex when I plucked it from my closet: choosing something to wear over it.

As a tribute to Motley Crue’s final show, I brought out my faux leather Rock & Republic motorcycle jacket, which I proudly purchased with nothing but Kohl’s cash. Feeling too covered up, I decided right then to ACTUALLY BARE MY ARMS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, but I brought the jacket with me anyway -- just in case I chickened out, and just in case the beach breeze was as surprisingly chilly as it was on date night a couple weeks ago.

Next, I grabbed my snakeskin Jessica Simpson Waleo platforms that made an appearance in another My Outfit Monday post. They’re my go-to pumps as of late, and I got them on sale at the grand opening of Nordstrom Rack in Clearwater. They may not scream beach-appropriate, but that’s why I carried flip flops in my Hell's Belles backseat bag, a decision that came in handy when we walked three miles to downtown Clearwater like a couple of ambitious crazies.

Rounding out this outfit began like any other day: I pulled out my crimson pleather pants, decided it was not the time for their debut and selected some less terrifying exciting options. Black mini? Too predictable with the possibility of being too cold. (Don’t judge me. I’m a native.)

I left it up to my boyfriend: Black skinny jeans or crazy-print skinny jeans.

“The wild ones," he said, revealing his deep understanding and acceptance of my life force.

If you’re going to wear jeans on New Year’s Eve, they may as well be the modified houndstooth Kut From the Kloth skinnies that I found at the same Nordstrom Rack sale as the J-Simps pumps.

Accessorizing was a breeze: One gold and black deco cuff also from Nordstrom Rack; one black acrylic rose ring made by me, courtesy of Michael’s craft supplies; plus my gold Jennifer Lopez criss-cross midi, which I wore on my very first My Outfit Monday.

The cherry on top: a long Relic watch pendant that’s been broken since my sister abandoned it when she left for Georgetown circa 1998. I wrapped it twice around my neck and set it to midnight, bidding farewell to 2015 and to all that’s kept me from just doing me.

[Last modified: Monday, January 4, 2016 1:32pm]


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