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My Outfit Monday: There's a hole in my heart, err, dress. Help?



I snagged the snuggliest knit dress from Misred Outfitters ahead of the winter months. Loose but cinched at the waist, it worked well for a chill birthday party at my house, and then again today at work with maroon tights and boots (if it's under 70 degrees in the morning, it's boots for the day in my book. We have to be the December we want to see in the world.).

Well, almost. There's this hole in the front, and the fault is all mine. Not even the cutest back buttons can hide my hole truth.

I made the very poor decision, as a first-time knit-dress owner, of cutting a loose thread in the all-knit layer instead of pushing it inside the dress next to the black slip. I've been hiding the black hole with my purse, my hand, my desk all day. But it's only grown from not very noticeable to "girl, did you even look at yourself before leaving?" and I have regrets.

Let this be a lesson to you all about how to handle stray threads. You cannot throw on quirky cat-eye glasses and wish the the hole away, as I did. You have to face the hole, and then ask your blog community for assistance.

Professional/amateur seamstresses out there, have you seen a case like this? (Preferred answer: "Oh, yes, I handle it all the time. Try XXX place.") Or is my cozy dress too far gone?

[Last modified: Monday, December 7, 2015 6:12pm]


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