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My Outfit Monday: Things I scored while on vacation

My new dress, seconds before it started to wrinkle.

Michael Alexis

My new dress, seconds before it started to wrinkle.



Before a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't left the state in a very long time. Imagine my excitement to be headed out west, to the great state of California. Besides all of the obvious things I was looking forward to in the San Francisco Bay Area ( food, culture, shopping), I was stoked to be getting out of the oppressive August heat .

Rewind to August, 1988. I was 12, and my stepdad, Al, brought my mom and I out to Alameda, California, where he's from. It's a small island east of San Francisco. We'd never been to California, so when we asked Al what the weather was like, he said, "It's California." 

Um, ok. In our minds all of California was sun soaked and teeming with surfers and girls in bikinis. NOT THE CASE!!! August in San Francisco is typically one of the coldest months there. Needless to say, all we'd brought were shorts and short-sleeved shirts, so we were freezing. It worked out to our advantage, though, as we found an Esprit outlet and stocked up on sweatshirts and jeans.

So for this trip, I was determined to bring the proper attire. I brought sweaters, leggings, jeans and even a velvet dress. Boots and sneakers. I planned on layering in case it warmed up. I was confident in my choices, feeling very proud of myself.

WELL, what do you think happened? While it was chilly in Alameda and San Francisco, they were having an uncommonly warm August. What I hadn't planned for AT ALL was that we were going to Sonoma to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, where it was going to be, like, 85 degrees. Weird, because it's actually north of where we were. And we were going to be having lunch outside. Oh yeah, and this was the first outing of the vacation so I had to find something to wear the day I arrived.

So, history repeated itself. I went to the T.J. Maxx in Alameda and found this nice dress that I'm wearing for $30. It's light, it breathes and it has pockets, all qualities I enjoy in a summer dress. It's also great for work and is very comfortable. It's only issue is that the material, called Tencel, wrinkles if you just look at it too hard. I took this picture as soon as I walked out of the door, because by the time I got to work it was like, one giant wrinkle.

I also scored the shoes at the same T.J. Maxx, also for $30. They're actually very comfortable, and I like them because they match my hair.

So, I learned that while you can't ever really predict the weather in California, not being prepared generally works out to your advantage.


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