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My Outfit Monday: This outfit cost $6



Today in the category of Practice What You Preach:

I present to you an outfit I got for $6 total from the Dress for Success Excess Inventory Sale over the weekend. Remember the one we told you about, where suits were $10 and clothes were $5? Yeah. I couldn't get there until the final hour, and it turned out to be a major boon because just as I started shopping, the organizers announced that everything was being reduced to $2. YES, EVERYTHING WAS $2. My heart started racing and all the women at the sale started scooping up more and more armloads of stuff, not unlike rabid wolves.

I had exactly $40 in cash in hand to keep myself within a budget, and it turned out to go way farther than I could have imagined. I left with 18 items for $36 ("You couldn't find two more things?" my boyfriend asked. I donated the last $4). I scored dresses and skirts and all kinds of stuff, items by INC, Lilly Pulitzer, Jones New York and so on. I even found a pair of Michael Kors sandals that look to be just about brand new.

What you see here is a Max Studio blazer, an Old Navy blouse and a pair of Gap trousers (you can't see in the pic, but they have cute sailor buttons up the front). And just to bring it all together and stay on theme, I wore a pair of Nine West boots I got at a DFS sale a year ago. 

My hair looks crazy nuts in the second photo, but I assure you I meant it to be kind of messy and, as they say "fashiony" (lol). I still like it better in person. The inspo came while I was lying in bed this morning thinking "this is my final moment of peace for the day," scrolling through Pinterest, when I saw a trusty old Lauren Conrad suggestion for a "not braid." It's basically a topsy tail on a topsy tail. I thought the messy look softened the business-look of the jacket and all, but I might just need a brush. Whatever. I also spent 20 minutes looking for my keys this morning, so my judgment is off. 

Oh, I can't forget about my favorite accessory: My 1981 commemorative Charles and Di mug, gifted to me by my friend (and Deal Diva Katie's hubby), TJ.  

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