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My Outfit Monday: #Twinning

Last week, I came to work in a fun navy dress with a big sleeve, choosing magenta pumps as a color boost.

Deal Diva Kameel woke up that morning with the same vibes, going with a navy, puffy-sleeved dress and adding magenta beads.

You know what everyone says about great minds.

Today I'm wearing a canvas green skirt and bright orange top, a play on utility and feminity. What's Kameel working? Green. Utility. Skirt. Flirty. Pink. Shirt.

It was cute, weird and unplanned, so we decided to document it here. (This is not who wore it best, don't you dare turn women against each other! Oh, you weren't going to, n/m, nbd.)

My blue dress is "rehabbed" vintage, cut and restyled for the modern woman, by St. Petersburg's Misred Outfitters, with a layered bodice and tulip cap sleeves. It's breezy, and if you stare at it long enough, you realize it has a mutli-layer pattern of stripes and flowers.  

The green skirt is an old-time Banana Republic find, and the vibrant orange shirt came to me via Deal Diva alumna Emily Nipps. My leopard flats are overworn and from Target. Thick brown belt, which I keep reversing, is Anthropologie.

Due to her busy lifestyle, Kameel has not yet told me what she's wearing. I'll update when she does.

Girls be busy, yo. (this is Kameel) So MY blue dress came from ... oh god. Can't remember! I get a pass since it's Monday, right?

Anyway, I love this dress because it's one of the more forgiving frocks in my wardrobe. And lord knows that after a weekend filled with burritos and mom's home-cooking, I needed a little ahem, "forgiveness" around certain areas. Like Katie's dress, it also has a very subtle pattern.

You'll notice the magenta beads carried straight through to today's outfit, which I paired with a might-as-well-be sleeveless pink button down that I love because of it's delicate stitching detail and my olive Anne Taylor skirt I found at a thrift store close out sale last summer. My pink low-heeled pumps came from a wise trip I took to TJMaxx many moons ago.

Does this ever happen to you? We say, embrace it.

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