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My Outfit Monday: Twirling on haters in Beyoncé shirts

People keep asking me how the Beyoncé Formation World Tour concert was on Friday, and I can only explain it as such: I will be one of those super old ladies, blind, deaf, wearing a leopard caftan, telling my bored, disinterested grandchildren who are only concerned with watching holographic pop stars through their eyeball implants, about the time I saw Beyoncé in concert live in Tampa. It was just one of those nights you can never recreate or replace, let alone forget. I'm going to bore the crap out of my grandkids! I can't wait!

Leading up to the show, my Beyutiful Eight squad planned our looks around a pretty simple premise. Beyoncé slogan tees are aplenty on the Internet, and Bey's signature cutoff jorts were accessible. We would marry the two, much like Bey married Jay (for better or worse, YOU BE THE JUDGE, LEMONADE LISTENERS).

Getting fresh Beyoncé shirrts turned out to be more of a challenge than expected, probably because all those Etsy shops didn't plan on Beyonce dropping a brand new record-breaking album a week before her concert tour started. Several of us had to send "Um, where is my shirt?" emails at the last second. I had communications with Rad, where I ordered a "Body's Too Bootylicious For Ya" shirt featuring a chunky poodle by -- I think, but correct me if I'm wrong, art majors -- Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Because, why not? Well, the day before the concert, Rad informed me there had been a computer error and my shirt would not be arriving. I was on the way to the craft store that night to try and scramble for something -- and iron-on lemon transfer? Puff paint lyrics? -- when I got a text from home that the shirt had shown up after all. A Beyoncé miracle!

Can you spot former Deal Diva Kameel here? She flew in from St. Louis to party with us. She also had trouble with her shirt delivery and was able to resourcefully make an "I AIN'T SORRY" shirt out of Sharpies at the last second. Once a Deal Diva, always a Deal Diva.

What did you wear to the show? Tweet us your photos, and your stories of custom shirt agony and at @dealdivas. Check out the collages Kameel made of our crew, sweating in the parking lot at Raymond James but making the most of it. Making, if you will, lemonade.

Kids, sit down by GrandSteph's fire. Let me tell you about a time in 2016, when an influential artist name Beyoncé came to town and...

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