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My Outfit Monday: Vintage birthday blowout



Remember how Kameel and I stumbled into the Little Brooklyn Vintage closing sale a couple weeks ago? Obviously we didn't leave empty handed. In fact, I left pretty full-handed (if that's an expression), purchasing seven items for $70 total, from a leather skirt to a pair of earrings to a vintage parasol (every girl needs one). I trotted out some of my vintage scores this past weekend, which happened to be the annual celebration of my birth.

First, Monday. I capped off the vintage birthdaypalooza weekend by heading to work today in a 1980s power dress, striding confidently into my 31st year on this orb, or as one person put it on Instagram, doing my best impression of Tootsie. Either way, I accept. I really fell in love with the periwinkle top half of this dress, a color you don't see too often these days, and the funky geometric print that reminds me of the bedding in the Tanner sisters' bedroom in the early seasons of Full House. I paired it with my trusty Michael Kors watch, some vintage clip-on earrings scored at a Tampa Bay Fashion Week booth two years ago, and some red pumps from Target that I've had since the dawn of time. They still have a red clearance sticker inside, because of how classy I am.

Let us rewind to the weekend (join me by flipping through the slideshow).

My birthday was Friday the 13th, and to ward off any curses I decided to shun negative energy with as much obnoxious sparkle as possible. Enter my favorite purchase from Little Brooklyn, a gold sequined butterfly top worthy of Suzanne Sugarbaker. I dressed it down with jorts and Chucks because at this point I was just running errands and having a casual lunch and I didn't want to get carried away (loooollll).

Later that night I had every intention of changing into the purple and black jumpsuit I scored at Little Brooklyn, except when I put it on it became horrifyingly clear that it was see-through under a flash, and if I wore it out I was going to be no better than those stars on red carpets who strut around with their pasties showing, everyone at home going, "Don't they HAVE PEOPLE to TELL THEM?" Jumpsuit was out. I traded it for a silk green Bebe dress that I happened to have on hand and had only worn once or twice, but you better believe I stuck with the vintage parasol.

Why? Friday the 13th. Had to open an umbrella indoors.

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