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My Outfit Monday: What we wore to Tampa Bay Fashion Week



Getting ready for Tampa Bay Fashion Week, in my mind, is always a luxurious exercise. It involves cucumber eye patches, blowouts, careful application of false eyelashes. In this fantasy, we roll up to Tampa Bay's most stylish annual event looking fresh and relaxed, ready to inspire and be inspired.

In reality, your faithful Deal Divas typically work a full day at our jobs as journalists in everything from the arts to politics, and we get ready for Fashion Week by frantically putting on a high heel while running to the car, like something out of a rom com from 2002, and doing our makeup in the rear view at a stop light. By the time we get there, it's a miracle that we look good at all.

This year, Katie, Lisa, Maggie and Kathryn and I barely pulled it together, but we did! We ushered our megabuns and maxi dresses into Kathryn's car on the curb and hauled butt to International Plaza. The show was a great time as usual, in a fresh environment at the mall. More on that soon.

For now, drink in our outfits. I wore a powder blue dress I snagged on sale at BluSpero, but not without almost walking out because the clerk demanded my first and last name in order to buy it (seriously, this is a trend in retail that I simply cannot deal with). ANYWAY, I paired it with those Louboutins a mysterious benefactor at work gave me (READ THAT DREAM COME TRUE HERE). When I first got them, I thought they fit pretty well, but upon actualy wearing them I realized they are a half size too small and they were not exactly comfortable, but none of that mattered on this night. The rest of the Divas pulled out looks that ranged from vintage 90s glam (I'm looking at you, Kathryn) to TJ Maxx boho (Lisa Lisa). Katie's shoes won the day, offsetting her gray leather skirt. And Maggie's fyre hair continues to make her the easiest person to spot in a crowded mall.

We'll have a full recap of what went down the runway later today, including professional photos by our beloved photog, Luis Santana, so check back.

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