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My Outfit Monday: Whatever's clean and closest wins

Hey it's me. Hey it's Monday. That is all.

Hey it's me. Hey it's Monday. That is all.



Sorry I'm late guys. I'm working the night shift tonight, and have been running errands all day. In fact, I'm not going to say I'm cranky or anything, but ... It's Monday. And not a fun, "I-have-so-much-joy-and-energy" kind of Monday, but a "Leaving-town-in-a=couple-days-must-get-everything-done-now" kind of Monday.

So yea. The name of the game today was finding something A) clean B) quick and c) presentable

How'd I do? Pretty sure you've seen all these pieces in one form or another. The blouse is breeze and has the best, most forgiving sleeves (Michelle Obama who?). And the skirt is neutral and fits me (that's what we call a "win-win" in busy-lady speak).

The shoes are comfortable. Can you see a pattern here? (Come on, I DID put a necklace on. Give me some credit for that. 

What else? Hmm. all done. Great. Gotta run!

--Signed, I'll be better next time...

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