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My Outfit Monday: Who am I and what do I stand for?



As I've said before, I have a real tops deficiency.

I try to buy dressy tops and I never buy dressy tops. For whatever reason, I always end up with dozens of dresses and jackets, and like, four long sleeved thermal tops I bought to wear to South Korea in winter once. It's a real problem.

So, it was kind of a rock bottom move when I happened upon three tops I sort of-kind of liked at Dillard's recently. They weren't the best prices. In fact, I thought they were on a bigger sale than they were, until I got to the register and realized I read the sign wrong. And furthermore, one had -- gasp -- cap sleeves.

I really dont like cap sleeves. It is on my list of Things I Don't Like, next to pickles, being late to the airport, and valet parking scams. I just think they're not very flattering on, well, anyone. I think they're widening, and although I am proud of my deltoids from all those lateral raises, I don't want to draw an awkward line across them in the biggest part. Please take a look at that photo my friend Brittany Volk took of me eating Indian food today, and tell me that top wouldn't look better as a tank or a full sleeve. TELL ME.  Also, the lack of commitment to a length is bothersome. Like, are you a sleeve or are you not? Just decide who you are, you wimpy Sleeve Slice.

Anyway, I bought a Vince Camuto cap sleeve top because I don't know who I am or what I stand for. I love the color and the neckline. I hate the sleeves, but I am happy to have a new top that is not a mohair sweater.

The real highlights today are my new bag and shoes. I procured the former at the Coach Outlet at the Ellenton Premium Outlets last weekend, because the one I bought three years ago at the Coach Outlet broke. I really don't dig purse shopping so I try to invest when I do it. I just don't have the energy to change out my bags all that much, and I'd rather spend money on shoes. WHICH LEADS ME TO the new Nine West pumps I scored for $20. They have a block heel and a strap so they are relatively comfortable for hoofing it into work. The last pair in my size was the display model, so I tried to get an extra discount. The woman just looked at me with dead eyes and said, "They're already 60 percent off," and I took the hint and got out of there.

Back to the sleeves. Am I wrong? Someone please make an argument for cap sleeves that will make me feel better about wearing this, because I plan to continue to wear it all summer long. It's either that, or I will wear my T-shirt from the Lorain pierogi fundraiser to work for the rest of the year. 

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