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My Outfit Monday: Wrapping myself in a 'Thriftmas' miracle

Here I am doing my best Carmen Sandiego in the Times hallway.

Stephanie Hayes/Times

Here I am doing my best Carmen Sandiego in the Times hallway.



Thrifters we are in the golden times.

The final month of the year is where people reassess their lives and closets and part with the slightly worn and impractical items wearing them down. For us, it is Thriftmas. 

"Historically, January is when we get the most donations every year," said Chris Ward of Goodwill Suncoast. "December is the no. 2 month  and then March comes in third with Spring cleanings."

Every weekend this month, I've hit a different thrift store to pick up items to get me through this cold snap and into our upcoming eternal summer. At a Goodwill in St. Petersburg, I thought I'd peruse the coat racks to see if any new cute cardigans came in and happened across this gem of a trench coat. 

The blue Yoki New York coat is a little thin, and two sizes too big, but still for the low price of $10 too fab to have been abandoned. It's practically new and screams "international woman of mystery." 

Abandoning it might have seemed like the right choice during the record-breaking, hot December we just got through. I personally thought it was a sign of the end times that I only got to wear my favorite long sweater once in the whole month. But now that the cold snap is upon us and we're getting more fall weather than we can handle, attractive outwear is at a premium and those of us who appreciated Thriftmas are probably wowing our co-workers as we speak. 

I'm wearing a basic wrap dress beneath my trench, though I'm sure that hardly matters. When people see me walking down the street today, heads will turn in wonder at how I managed to bust out a temperature appropriate trench in a Florida appropriate color. I'll tell anyone who asks it was a Thriftmas miracle. 

Ward said clothes that are brought in for donation are usually stocked in stores the same day. They only stay on the racks for a couple weeks before being removed and sent to the outlet stores where pieces are sold by the pound. Digging through those bins is a lot more challenging than looking overstuffed racks.

You've still got one more weekend to celebrate with us before the clothes move on to greener pastures. Miracles can happen... if you believe. 

[Last modified: Monday, January 25, 2016 11:40am]


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