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Need some new makeup? There's a printer for that

Inventor Grace Choi has created a new 3D printer that will allow people to produce their own makeup (we know, only in 2014, right?)

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Inventor Grace Choi has created a new 3D printer that will allow people to produce their own makeup (we know, only in 2014, right?)

Let's start with the fact that this is not another post gushing about our (not so secret) love for Mindy Kaling, or her great beauty and fashion sense.

Absolutely not. Nope, not even close. ... Okay, maybe it is, just a little.

Here's the thing. I could not help being enthralled by last night's Mindy Project finale -- as I'm sure every other woman my age was. (As someone without cable, I'd forgotten how fun watching a live episode could be).

Yet even though I was prepared to be dazzled by Mindy's outfits (thanks to Deal Diva Katie's well-timed post), I wasn't expected to be so enamored of Dr. Lahiri's makeup, which was so, so good that I couldn't help but be jealous motivated.

It prompted a solid 30 minutes of soul searching (hey, if that brown girl can do it, why not me?) and frantic googling. (Pro-tip: the search phrase "mindy kaling finale makeup looks" does not produced desired results).

I finally gave up and went to bed, promising myself I'd check in with the internets in a few days or weeks, when you KNOW all sorts of info about products used in the show, and heck, probably even some tutorials, would be available.

Then I woke up this morning and had a message in my inbox about a new 3D makeup printer called The Mink, which might just take all the angsty guesswork out of any makeup re-creation attempts.

Turns out, up in New York this week, a young inventor Grace Choi pitched The Mink, which she predicts could turn the beauty biz on its head (jury's still a long ways out on that). Essentially, Choi's product would allow regular consumers to create their own foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick (cream or powder) at home.

Users will even be able to pull the hex code of any color from a website and turn that into a product.

We know, sounds crazy. But you're intrigued right?

Choi says the Mink can do all this with FDA-approved printer ink and can produce or replicate ANY color. The printer itself isn't available yet, but when it is, it'll be $300.

Read more about it here, here or here.

What do you guys think? Would you try something like this - or is it a little too Jetsons-esque for you?

Oh, and anybody know what foundation, lip and eye color Mindy was wearing? Get at me, stat.



[Last modified: Thursday, May 8, 2014 2:13pm]


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