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Need some stylish storage for your jewelry? Try this

Get this dress-shaped hanging organizer for $15

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Get this dress-shaped hanging organizer for $15



I've been in enough closets to know that everyone has their own method for storing accessories.

Some, like Deal Diva Katie, keep their jewelry displayed in a charming way that resembles what you might find in your favorite shop.

Others go the opposite route, dumping everything into a single container. (We'll call this the "junk drawer method.”)

Still others, (cough cough me), opt for a more “spread out” system. That is to say, I've got some jewelry in this drawer, a little in that, and a few stragglers on a stand I got months ago at Kohl's. I've found necklaces in shoes before (don't ask).

Maybe it's time for an intervention. Or maybe I just need to buy this hanging organizer.
It's got dozens of pockets for rings and necklaces and bracelets and all that, and right now it's $15 on CrowdSavings.

Whoever designed it also came up with the (genius? Cheesy?) idea that it should be in the shape of a dress. Because how else would we know its for us, ladies?

Its an L-B-D for your access-o-ries. Get it? Haha. Ok, no? Gimme a break, I'm on vacation.

In all seriousness though, it does look functional. Any takers?

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