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New fashion line takes U.S. Postal Service from driveway to runway

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Given its credo that employees will deliver come rain, sleet, snow or shine, I think it’s safe to say the U.S. Postal Service and its carriers know a little something about weather.

Well, apparently that knowledge also translates to fashion.

Weeks after the U.S. Postal Service announced a potential cutback in mail delivery from six to five days a week, news is swirling that the cash-strapped agency will go from ZIP codes to hip clothes as it launches a fashion line next year in hopes of boosting revenue.

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times report that the agency has partnered with the Cleveland-based Wahconah Group to design an inventory of all-weather coats, headgear, footwear, casual wear, athletic clothing and other apparel and accessories. The items will incorporate "wearable electronics" (think: jackets that can be hooked up to an iPod with volume controls on the sleeve) and decorative devices like brass buttons and Italian fabrics that could push the price for a USPS-inspired wool pea coat as high as $500.

The line, dubbed “Rain Heat & Snow,” will first launch men’s gear then expand to ladies’ wear.

Unfortunately, the fashions aren’t expected to hit premier department and specialty stores, like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's, until spring 2014.

So, until then, we’re left to wonder whether the products will conjure up sexy shades of grey (pun intended) and blue, or flashbacks of Cliff, the mailman from Cheers.

This actually isn’t the first time the federal agency has attempted to go vogue. In the 1980s, reports say, post offices briefly sold T-shirts and neckties, among other items, until Congress shut down the enterprise in the face of lobbyists’ complaints that the organization was directly competing with private businesses.

I’m of the mind that the fashion industry has officially gone postal with this one. How many people out there are really clamoring to profess their love for USPS by wearing clothes emblazoned with its logo? But maybe I just didn’t get the memo. Because they forgot to deliver it. When they were having meetings to come up with this concept.

Don’t hold back, fellow fashionistas: Do you think this idea is diva or dead on arrival?

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