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Office tape: DIY nail art's new best friend



My Instagram feed has been almost exclusively shots from New York Fashion Week the last few days, much of it dedicated to the nail looks the models are sporting. That combined with my extensive nail-related Pinterest board, and I've been itching to try something fun.

As a newly minted Deal Diva (first post, heyyy) and amature DIY-er, I thought I'd try something new. I can generally be convinced to pay a professional to do well what I am only mediocre at, but I won't budge on doing my own nails. I wanted to try a chevron look, but apparently you need a weird pair of scissors and actual supplies to accomplish it, and I wasn't feel that ambitious on a Sunday.

But I pinned a link to 10 Fabulous Scotch Tape Minis a while ago, and I found clear office tape hiding in my desk at home, so voila!

Sort of.

I used this picture as inspiration for the color and design. This person's nails look way more fabulous than mine because presumably they have the skill and more importantly patience to pull it off, but since the blog is in French and I can't read the tips, I'll just leave it up to luck.

I painted two nails Essie’s Case Study for contrast and the rest with a base of Essie’s East Hampton Cottage (or, as I like to call it, light pink). As I waited for the whole thing to dry, I correctly forecast that I was going to get bored halfway through and decided to paint the right hand in mostly the brown-ish polish with one contrasting bright pink nail (Pure Ice’s Peony).

Once the whole shebang on my left hand was dry, I used little pieces of tape to mark off the spots where I was going to fill it in with the bright pink. Once the tape came off I had to fill in little bits where the tape had peeled off the polish underneath.

I was going to get a little crazier with the tape and fun sections of color and maybe add some sparkle for good measure, but after the two strips of bright pink I said, meh, this is good.

I like the effect but the whole thing was just unbelievably tedious (and this coming from someone who occasionally deep-cleans her apartment for fun). You have to make sure the base coats are totally dry before you do anything, which sounds like the most obvious instruction ever, but seriously. The slightest clump and the whole thing's ruined the second you get the tape out, so it's definitely not something to do if you can't just sit there and wave your hands around to dry them for a while. Then there's the whole fact that they’ll probably start chipping after a day.

I do want to give the chevron nails a whirl, though. Have you had DIY success with nail art? Do you like the kinda-crazy patterns or do you prefer to keep things simple?


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