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On National Thrift Shop Day, an ode to my favorite secondhand purchases (w/poem)



I owe pretty much half my wardrobe to secondhand finds, so I am so on board with a day devoted to thrifting. I love the thrill of finding that perfect sun dress or studded belt or pair of penny loafers in a store packed with other people's leftovers. I love it so much, I wrote a poem for some of my favorite finds. (Disclaimer: they didn't teach poetry in journalism school.)

Sweet Levi mom jeans
And your durable mom seams
You fit me like a dream
In that dressing room at Salvation Army

I chopped you into high-waisted shorts
So I could fit in with the stereotype that UF kids wear jorts
By senior year I wore only Norts
But I still love you dearly

My denim love continued as years passed
When I spotted a jumper on a clothing rack
At a thrift store in New York with aisles so packed
It was fate, maybe

I modeled you on a subway station
While my friend snapped "candid" photos with a lot of patience
I'm bringing you on my next vacation
Packing light thanks to your versatility

Weeks later I realized I should invest in some work clothes
I was into the 60s look on Mad Men and other shows
So at a flea market in Brooklyn I struck a pose
In a blue flowered skirt Peggy would envy

I wear you to work probably way too much
But your pattern is cute and you're soft to the touch
You make me feel like a million bucks
Though I bought you oh so cheaply

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