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On the hunt for a sweater ... in the summer



My plan this morning was to pen an amazing post for you guys about how to look "hip" in the heat. (Hey, it was early, and I was trolling for ideas.)

Then real life intruded.

And by real life I mean I had to figure out what to wear and get my butt out the house and to work. Simple slacks seemed appropriate, as did the blouse that hopefully won't stick to my skin if and when I venture out for lunch (thanks humidity!).

Really, I thought I had it all together. Ten minutes at my desk changed my mind. 


Yes, you read that correctly. I know it's preposterous. I know its like a gazillion degrees outside. But even after living in Florida for a few years, I am still not used to the near constant blast of frigid air that comes with office life. 

So let's talk about something that's really been on my mind: The Desk Sweater.

I keep saying I need to get one, but where to start? Because even though I have a trove of blazers, the desk sweater seems different somehow.

Help me out peeps.

Do I go for something neutral or bright? Does it stay at my desk or do I take it home everyday? Should it be a jacket? Shoulld it be long? Short? 

How do you guys deal with this dilemma?

[Last modified: Thursday, July 25, 2013 10:38am]


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