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Deal Divas

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Once a Diva...

Deal Divas do lunch.

Deal Divas

Deal Divas do lunch.



Five years ago, I had a crazy idea. What if we created a blog devoted to deals and fashion finds? An outlet for girlfriends to dish and brag about shopping scores. We'd call ourselves the Deal Divas.

This was back in the dark days of the recession -- actually prime time for bargain hunting. Since then, I've blogged about everything from the decision to splurge on designer jeans (do it) to discovering the joy of elastic waistbands with a swelling baby bump.

But alas, between a demanding job and a toddler slowly running me back into pre-baby sizes, I don't have much time for shopping anymore. A leisurely mall jaunt is the rarest of luxuries. While on vacation earlier this month, I carved out an hour during which I snagged a trench coat at H&M for $10. Goosebumps. But I haven't yet found the time -- on a good hair day -- to take a picture for the blog.

So it's time to turn in my Deal Diva badge. I'd like to part with a few tips from the diva who has always prided herself on never paying more than 40 percent of sticker price to build a closet of timeless classics:

  • There will never be a new black. Ignore all sales pitches to the contrary.
  • Invest in jewelry that won't rub off on your skin. The cheap stuff always looks it.
  • Go big or go home with your handbag. A quality bag will last years.
  • Indulge trendy in small doses. Remember ombre? Over-the-top ruffles? Architectural heels? 'Nuf said.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support the Deal Divas. I'll be back as a guest blogger from time to time. And I'll be joining you, starting now, in the comments section...

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