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Overalls, king of the lunch table, make a comback



I heard someone mutter recently that overalls were coming back in style. I was skeptical at best. Nothing could ever revive the full-body denim jump sling of my middle school career, trailblazed by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, by Lance Bass and friends, by Mary Kate and Ashley and so many pioneers who voluntarily turned their bodies into the silhouette of a Mike and Ike. Overalls quietly and rightly went the way of Ross, Rachel and frosted tips.

This had to be a vicious, baseless rumor.

Last night, I wandered into Forever 21, which has a rack turnover rate of about 9.2 seconds and designers fearless to engage in quackery. So it should have come as no surprise that I encountered a fashion Man-Bear-Pig, some hybrid amalgam of a faux-leather overall bibs topped with a mullet skirt (see slideshow). And then I knew. It was true.

Is this overall revival good or bad? Let's all stop to admit we owned at least one pair. I had three, one long, one denim shorts, one WHITE shorts. Yes, there, I said it. The really cool girls in school wore Calvin Klein overalls with one strap undone. Mine were from Sears and I just carried my books to hide the label. Still, I paired them best I knew how with snap-crotch, jewel-toned body suits and (imitation) Doc Marten sandals that weighed 80 pounds per foot.

Overalls weren't all bad.

Pro: They were comfortable like nothing else. Baggy, no muss, no fuss, just one easy piece to snap and head on to home room.

Con: They were the most sartorially unflattering thing ever to grace a Wet Seal, widest in the middle and narrowest at the ankle, flattening any semblance of a chest you might have had at that crucial age.

Pro: It was hard to feel objectified in overalls. Like someone cat-calling a spaghetti squash.

Con: The rear always looked like a very full diaper.

Pro: You could hide lots of mini-bags of Sun Chips in the pockets.

Con: They were made for wartime factory workers, and isn't it kind of rude to rub our middle-class mall realness in their faces?

Pro: I'm out of pros.

The current translation of overalls has more to do with skirt bottoms, slender legs and attempts to be chic. I am not fully sold, but that doesn't mean I won't buy a pair on clearance to wear around my house as I binge on three-day old Pizza Hut while cleaning hair spray out of the tile grout.

Check the slideshow above for some overalls you can own RIGHT NOW, if you dare. And please let us know what you think of this. I will share my Sun Chips with you.

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