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Peek-a-boo midriffs -- trashy or kinda classy?

Let's talk about the barely-there midriff. No, not the bikini blouses that have roared back anew, much to the dismay of shy girls like me.

I mean outfits that reveal a thin band of skin between the shirt and skirt, and maybe a little more skin if you raise your arm for a stretch or a drink. Our fearless BFF Mindy Kaling wears them. Why can't we?

I've never tried on a peek-a-boo style, but it seems a little more safe than the Belly For Days alternative. A classy acknowledgement of the resurgence of belly shirts, but not an outright embrace.

On the other hand, is it really just more of the same, and we're too old or basic for that, and what am I even thinking? There's celeb-employed and there's normal-employed, and our wardrobe tricks are not interchangeable. Plus, like sweet and fun Mindy, there's the fear of raising that arm just a little too high, pulling the shirt into unflattering territory.

What do we do?

You tell me.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 3:26pm]


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