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Pretty great tip for not splurging: Just wait



No matter the website, I am constantly accosted by ads for Modcloth.

I cannot imagine why the Internet thinks this advertising method is effective. Wait, yes, I do. It's because I am Target Consumer Exhibit A, and I fall for the "Hey, little girl, isn't this cute? Why don't you come shop over here?" routine way too often.

The latest example: This monochrome blazer. I saw it on my Facebook sidebar. "Why, yes," I said. "I would like more information on this."

The reviews are glowing. The 3/4-length sleeve is Florida perfection. The secret orange lining, the tailoring, the buttonless front? Fresh to death.

The price, though. Not good. At $79.99, that's a cell phone bill, a summer utilities payment or a pair of nice jeans that I'll wear for a couple years.

Still, the price tag was not a stop sign. I did what a lot of people do in situations of lusting for products but knowing better. I messaged frugal friends and begged for blessings. Tell me to get this. Tell me it's going to be okay.

Of several friends, I got just one taker. What to do?

Deal Diva Stephanie threw me a challenge: Keep shopping, find a comparable bargain and blog about it. Because I was in the aforementioned state of mind, I did not find this answer acceptable. I was like, "Look, nice idea, but no. This blazer is a magical exception to your rule and there's nothing like it in the whole world." Still, I did not buy.

This brings me to Friday night, when I entered a Tallahassee mall for the sole purpose of buying essential pencil skirt while on sale. I made that purchase but wandered to Forever 21 because, you know, curiosity is in my fibers. You've probably guessed what happened next. Before my eyes was a similar, more affordable blazer. Black on the bottom, creamy white on the top.

I tried it on. I wanted to believe. I sent Stephanie a photo text. She approved.

I'm sad to report it was still a pass. For $32, it was a lot cheaper than the Modcloth original -- and it felt like it. Bulky, wrinkle-prone and just not special. I spend most days inside of a great Forever 21 black blazer, but the quality of this jacket was lacking.

You may think I'm about to unload a confession. Be proud of me because I am not.

Taking a few days to mull over the costly but beautiful blazer purchase -- a method you may already refer to as common sense -- helped me get over a moment of Deal Divas weakness. I share it with you in hopes that it may help you go to battle against invasive Facebook ads and lackluster alternatives.

What do you do when you want something but know it's not financially feasible? Share tips, let's help each other!

Deal Diva Katie

(P.S. Go on sale already, monochrome blazer!)

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