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Recap: Tampa Bay Fashion Week comes to a close!



I think I promised this recap of Tampa Bay Fashion Week on Monday, but it has taken me this long to just rest and recover from the whirlwind of last week. Apologies.

Katie and I had a blast at Cocktails & Couture, as she told you. The rain may have kept some people home, but organizers still put on a great show. The cocktails, including the fave "Diane von Pumpkinberg," were pricey ($11!), but proceeds went to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, so it's all good. Last year, most of the runway styles came from Saks Fifth Avenue, so the looks were pretty cohesive. This year, there was everything from Lululemon Athletica yoga pants to studded cowboy boots from Keys Country to androgynous punk looks from Revolve Clothing Exchange envisioned by Branden Hollywood.

Kameel and I took in the History of Fashion in St. Pete. As Kameel explained, it was smaller than last year for various reasons. But it was still fun to see skivvies from the all decades, from Little Brooklyn Vintage, Ramblin' Rose Upcycle and The Shop, everything from a 1930s Grecian nightgown to a 1960s mod wedding dress, perfect for a Mad Men-inspired fling.

Shelley and I hit the Model Behavior Cocktail Reception Wednesday. The whispers started as soon as we walked into the Blu Lounge at Ocean Prime. Kato Kaelin was there, mingling with the models and designers. Yes, Kato Kaelin, the pop culture icon made famous in the '90s for his role as a witness in the O.J. Simpson trial, was there with actor-turned-lingerie designer Rhonda Shear. They were teaming up for a line of pajamas called Kato KouchPotato Wear, inspired by Kaelin's reputation as a couch surfer. He wants everyone to "embrace your inner slacker," he said. The line will feature extra pockets for remote controls and snacks. "Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos," he said. "If it ends in O, you should wear Kato." We took pictures with him. How could we not? The big showstopper of the night was a Berries & Bubbles martini, which fizzed with dry ice and tasted exactly like a SweeTart. Yum.

Friday, almost all your Divas, plus tbt* reporter Robbyn Mitchell, took in the Designer Runway Show a the Hilton Downtown Tampa. I had a rough start to the day, reporting breaking news and standing in a fire ant hill hours to showtime. But I got out in just enough time to shimmy into a dress, wipe off the sweat and meet the other Divas. The Hilton was a great location for the show, with gorgeous twinkling chandeliers in the ballroom that cast a really nice light over everything. We got to see lots of new designers and lots of Fashion Week staples, a nice mix to keep it interesting. Once again, it made us proud of the ever-growing fashion scene right here in Florida. We think there are big things ahead for some of these designers.

Check out the slideshow above for some looks from the runway. The gorgeous, professional-looking pictures are by Luis Santana, tbt* photo whiz. The grainy Instagrams are from us, naturally. If you want to track back a little, visit our Twitter at @dealdivas for our live-tweets from that night and see some pics that aren't in this slideshow (we tried to document as much as we could -- no easy feat).

Until next year, Fashion Week!

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