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Rent the Runway drops prices to $29 for Leap Day



When it comes to buying or renting clothes online, I'm basically 97 years old, asking "What is all that about, now? Where is my Victrola?" Then I hop on the community bus to the mall on a Monday morning. 

My friends are always trying to get me into mail delivery shopping services like Stitch Fix (see Monday's outfit post) and Rent the Runway, because that's how people function in 2016. Lydia and Katie and Lisa are really into Stitch Fix, and Katie especially is REALLY into Rent the Runway. 

Me? I rarely ever shop online. I like to go into stores and try on a bunch of things and be pretty picky about what I leave with. I don't like not knowing how things lay or feel or look in person, and I don't like the hassle of sending things back when they don't work. Also, I really enjoy the process of shopping. I find it creative and relaxing. AND! If you go to a department store, you can have a nice lunch in the food court! (Old.)

Still, I gave Rent the Runway a try a few months ago on a trip to Vegas with Katie and our friend, Hilary. If you're not familiar with RTR, it's a site that lets you rent designer clothes for a few days, for a lot less than it would cost to buy them. Katie persuaded me to hit the Rent the Runway Vegas boutique with her to pick out a look for the Britney Spears concert (a.k.a., Mecca). I was game for this, because it combined the best of both worlds for me -- trying things on in a store and spending less. I left with a red and black graphic dress from RVN, an all-around success for $35 (retail $395). I just walked it back into the store the next day.

Katie had worn me down with that experience, and so it wasn't hard for her to persuade me to try Rent the Runway by mail for Hilary's bachelorette party last weekend. On a whim, I went for a blue short-sleeved Robert Rodriguez minidress for $30 (retail $600). I got two sizes, one in my normal size, and one smaller (they didn't have the size up, otherwise I would have gone that direction for safety).

Despite my concerns and raging skepticism, it fit and I loved it and I wore it and it was relatively easy to repackage and mail back. Now I'm in the mood to take a leave of absence from the rest home and give RTR another try.

They're reading my evolving mind over at Rent the Runway, because today brings news of a Leap Day sale. Tons of RTR dresses are being marked down to $29 in honor of Feb. 29, as long as you order by Leap Day.

With Hilary's wedding right around the corner, I'm seriously considering it. What's next for me? Stich Fix? Wouldn't you all love that.

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