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Splish splash, my feet are soaked! We've got tips for rainy day shoes

Not to be a downer ahead of this long weekend of freedom, but you've seen the forecast, right? Yeesh. The storms we've entertained for the past two weeks will continue overstaying their welcome into the weekend.

Deal Divas have been watching the action and asking tough questions, such as: What shoes should you wear for work and for play when puddles abound?

Work is the trickier deal, and preferences vary. With my black suede wedges out of the running, I brought a pair of black pointy-toe leather heels out of retirement. I don't really care what happens to them. You'd think patent leather heels would be the answer, but no. I know from experience they make embarrassing squeaky noises when wet. Patent heels, YOU'RE OUT.

I asked fellow Divas to weigh in. We agree on one thing: For work, you've got to go closed toe.

Deal Diva Stephanie: "Closed toe, or sometimes riding boots even if it's hot out, because the rain will keep it cool enough and my feet will stay dry. Today I wore closed toe ballet flats. I have rain boots in my car, but I almost never wear them because they smell like plastic and feel stupid."

Deal Diva Keyonna: "Today, it's closed-toe synthetic leather ballet flats. It's either that or the heels I wore yesterday or my flat ankle boots left over from Michigan winters (which are hot and very unattractive)."

Deal Diva Kameel: "I usually go for closed toe flats or wedges because who wants wet feet when they go into the office?"

Now for shoes suited for playing in the rain.

I'm not alone in my flip-flop hating, right? I prefer strappy sandals and my precious summer jellies. Still, the idea of securing flip-flops for a river float trip brought me to Old Navy last weekend. I was so close to caving in.

Then I saw a brighter, cooler alternative: a strappy jelly combo flat that wrapped around the ankle. For $10, and in a trendy white hue, I was sold.

The only downside is when my feet get wet, they slide really far up and get stuck in the thick strap that crosses the toes. Extracting the thickest part of my foot from the thinnest part of the shoe reminded me of the time Winnie the Pooh ate so much he got stuck in a tree hole. Everything else about them was great -- easy to clean, comfy, interesting. Just watch out for foot slippage if you go this route.

Check out the slideshow for some fun waterproof ideas. We've got my all-time favorite swirly ballet flats by Steve Madden, purple sandals like my new white ones from Old Navy, and Ralph Lauren sandals in neon green because, well, why not.

What is your footwear of choice when weathering the rain?

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