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Hello, Yellow: Steal Michelle Obama's State of the Union style



Did y'all watch the State of the Union last night? It was a sea of red ties, blue ties aaaand purple, the blend of the two colors. If "support neutral!" is your mantra getting dressed in the morning, there is nothing for you here.

There was one respite for our eyes, and that was Michelle Obama. Regardless of your politics, can we agree that she looked lovely in her sleeveless yellow dress? The New York Times is calling it "marigold," and I'm inclined to agree; "mustard" would also do in a pinch, but there's something unsavory about "The First Lady was clad in mustard."

The Times said the dress symbolized optimism, both in her husband and her country, and I think that analysis, too, was spot-on. Whenever I've worn yellow, people seem to take notice and smile. I had a bright yellow winter coat through college that inspired the friendly homeless to sing "I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day..." whenever I walked by, quickening my pace. (Bad example?) And I sometimes wear a yellow dress from Target that always collects compliments, especially on rainy, muggy days. Yellow is an optimistic color, sunny and bright.

Now, "the rules" may have you thinking that yellow is not a winter color, but the rules were meant to have their glasses broken on the back of a school bus. Skip the pastel shades of Easter Sunday; opt for an autumnal marigold or mustard or -- who are we kidding? First there was Michelle Obama Arms; now there is Michelle Obama Yellow. All we can do is a bunch of bicep curls and shop for similar styles, in the slideshow above.

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