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Summer beauty review: Freeman's Blue Agave Hydrating Facial Paper Mask for dry skin



I've confessed before that when it comes to putting foreign substances on my face, I'm a wuss.

Part of it has to do with the fact that I have dry skin, and sometimes makeup or products other than petroleum jelly tend to bring on more zits than a high school prom.

To combat this, I've for years shunned putting harsh oil-stripping soaps on my face in favor of lightly scrubbing with a washcloth and warm water or Ponds cleansing towelettes. It appears to have worked. Aside from occasional dry patches, typically in my eyebrow and nose area, my skin has always been fairly smooth and blemish free.

But alas, I've already celebrated nine anniversaries of my 21st birthday and I live in the Sunshine State: The lil' old ladies at the makeup counter have warned me more than once that I'm well overdue to start taking skin care seriously.

So, divas, here we are today with my review of Freeman Beauty's Blue Agave Facial Hydrating Paper Mask and its promise to "transform skin from dry to dewy!"

In the past, I've tried Clinique's multi-step toner and moisturizer regimen. My countenance felt even drier, itchily irritated and tight, not to mention that the rubbing alcohol-reminiscent fumes made me fear my eyelashes might burn off.

So you can only imagine my hesitation last night at trying this product, especially after I read that the active ingredients include allantoin -- a popular plant-based moisturizer whose wound-healing, cell-replicating chemical properties can also be found in mammal urine. Lovely.

But important Deal Diva scientific research waits for no one, so I took the plunge.

As I peeled the mask from its liner, I noted that it flowers in bloom. The mask was sopping wet, making it a bit tricky to unfold but also meaning it molded easily to my face and felt immediately cool and refreshing.

I was so busy taking selfies of my best Thriller and interpretive dance moves (obvs!) that I'm not sure exactly how long I left it on, but it was close to the full recommended 10 minutes.

I was pleased, y'all.

When I peeled off the mask, there was plenty of serum left over which, per the directions, I patted into my skin, including the areas the mask didn't touch.

My skin felt smoother. No tightness. No breakouts so far. But there was still some slight flakiness this morning around my nose (where the mask didn't touch) and I wouldn't exactly say that my face is any more aglow than usual.

Still, for $1.37 a pop at Walmart, it ain't a bad deal for a few minutes of facial refreshment and I'd be willing to give it another go.

Has anyone else tried this product? Any others dry skin or anti-aging products you can suggest? Tweet us @DealDivas to fill us in on some of your fave products!

[Last modified: Thursday, June 26, 2014 3:29pm]


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