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Tampa Bay Fashion Week runway show wrap-up



This year's main runway show for Tampa Bay Fashion Week was at the Hilton in downtown Tampa in the middle of the week. Someone told us the president was also there around the same time, but you can probably read about that on another blog ;) Our focus was on the fashion.

Click the slideshow to see highlights, keep reading below for some of our overall impressions, then finish your night by re-reading our tweets from Wednesday!

From Katie:

I met my fashion soulmate, and it is everything from KalaXpress by Sumita Bhojwani. The designer had me at the first look: a black and white patterned shirt with a shimmery, rainbow  A-line skirt. Perfection. It got better from there. See Keyonna's collage tweet for more mix-matched print and bold color looks from this designer.

The mermaid-inspired line of bridesmaid dresses from Desire'e Martin was feminine, fun, and importantly when taking in a bunch of designers in one show, memorable. You could easily picture her lightweight, colorful dresses at a beach ceremony with sea shell accessories. There were even two-piece options, like this one with a mini flare, that seemed too adorable to be risque. See the designer's spring/summer 2015 line here.

From Robbyn:

Kato Kaelin was up to his old tricks Wednesday night replacing last years weird potato throwing with the less blunt trauma inducing potato chip bags.

Still, what the line of loungewear lacked in bold design it maade up for in abs. Francisco Perez II aka Cisco of Orlando's male striptease group, Rock Hard Revue, impressed at Kaelin's lead model. His surprise was a pair of rubber duckies in his shorts for Kaelin's pal, Rhonda Shear and Crystal Hefner.

From Michelle:

One of my favorite pieces during Wednesday night's Tampa Bay Fashion Week runway show was a two-piece ensemble from a student designer at Sandford-Brown. The bottom was a giant, multi-layered skirt in a luscious black fabric; the top was a dainty black crop top. Together, it looked totally demure, something a dark Disney princess would wear. And then we got a look at the back - sheer panels with a gap in the middle, just the sexy pop the ensemble needed.

Backless was a big theme at Wednesday's show: sheer backs, no backs, backs held together with barely-there ties. (One of the models rocked a totally sheer top with just pasties separating her from the crowd.)

And backless means bra-less.

I'm typically a big supporter of bra-burning ensembles, both in the name of feminism and fashion, but halfway through the parade of  I started thinking about what this means for the trends that'll hit the stores I shop in. Can an everyday gal who buys wrap dresses and blouses at Loft and H&M and, okay, fine, TARGET get away with ditching the support and letting the girls hang loose? We're not all models strutting down a runway, no matter how many times we pose in front of the mirror singing "WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS." Should I just stay away from bold backless tops if I'm not willing to go there? Is it tacky to layer a bandeau underneath? Do I need to just invest in a backless bra situation already? So many questions, so many unsupported breasts, so few answers.

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