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The joy of Jell-O shots, and other wedding alternatives



Here, on the Deal Divas blog -- and especially during Wedding Week -- we often talk about ways to make shopping more economical.

Case in point: What started out as a big joke ahead of my friend Amanda's nuptials – aka “Let's have some fun and offer her extended family 'liquid courage' so they'll groove with us on the dance floor” – has led to a something of a staple among my girlfriends: Wedding Jell-O shots.

“I have had a tradition of Jell-O shots for parties: in college, in grad school, at that UCF game (where a bunch of our friends tailgated),” said Megan, the brainchild. “I thought, 'Why not expand this to weddings? It's the next stage of life to celebrate'.”

Thus, was born a trend which, IMHO, is much more fun and hundreds of dollars cheaper when used to supplement, say, an expensive open bar.

It's a job we now take seriously. We spend weeks giggling over how we'll pull off shots that match the wedding party's colors, or poring over recipes that call for solidifying the gelatin into cutesy shapes or into fruits like orange rinds or strawberries ... because, hey, weddings are classy events and it's all about presentation.

Then, of course, there's nothing quite like bonding over the shopping spree which purchasing enough ingredients for 200+ Jell-O shots or spending hours in the kitchen crafting the perfect gelatin-to-liquor ratio entails.

Short on ideas? I've attached some examples in the slideshow above for your viewing pleasure!

Some tips:

*Make shots of varying potency levels. We don't want Nana to end up dancing on the dinner table with a lampshade on her head.

*Keep taste tastes to a minimum during the mixing process. Sticky Jell-O is a #*&^ to clean up.

*Invest in small plastic sample-size cups with lids. It provides for easy transport to the reception location. And while stacking the shots into your cooler, it helps to separate the layers with a thin piece of cardboard.

*We understand that some relatives may attach negative connotations to Jell-O shots. Check with the bride and groom beforehand to determine whether the jello shots need to wait to come out after dark.

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