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Tips for the vacationing diva...



If you know me, or have seen my closet, you know I love options. (My mom would tell you that's just a nice way of saying I have a lot of clothes.)

Still, this natural tendency always gets me in trouble when it comes to vacations and packing. Heck, sometimes just getting ready for work in the morning might mean one to three outfit changes.

How is a girl supposed to decide what to wear for four to five days and make it all fit into an impossibly small box (have you seen baggage fees these days?)? This week though, as I prepared for my trip up north, I made it my mission to Keep It Simple. That meant yes, standing still and really planning out outfits -- and options.

I'm so happy I did -- especially when I saw the woman next to me at baggage claim last night struggle to get three bags off the luggage carousel.

The last time I was in the Midwest, I filled my suitcase to the brim for what essentially was a two-day trip. This time, the same suitcase had room -- room! -- for a five-day trip in two states. And I didn't scrimp on fashion. #winning

So, you wanna be a vacation diva? Follow these steps:

Start with the most important outfit. Is it a Sunday dinner you have planned with friends? A night out on the town? For me, it's my grandma's birthday party (essentially the whole reason for the trip). Once I figured out that outfit (green skirt, polka dot blouse, purple pumps) I fanned out from there.

Options ARE good. But smart options are better. Think you might need a cardigan? Bring one that can go with that cute summer dress and your church outfit. A cute T-shirt you might wear with jeans could also work with a skirt.

Forget the fancy footwear. I can believe I'm writing this, but it doesn't make sense to bring a bunch of heels if you don't have to. They take up space and if you plan to do a lot of walking, they get old quick. So bring flats, and if you need heels, think of ones that can go with more than one outfit.

Check the weather. Because I didn't this one time, and...

Leave the diamonds at home. Ha! What diamonds, you say? I don't have any either, but if I did, vacation might not be the place to show it off. Why? Think lost luggage, a forgetful mind or, god forbid, theft.

Go small or go home. Normally I carry around a purse that fits just about everything. Fun size, it is not. But for this trip, I flipped the switch and made sure to tuck a tiny purse into my suitcase.

Bring an extra bag. So you know all that stuff I just said about paring down? Here's where you get to forget it. Because if you do everything before this step, then you'll likely have room to slip one more thing - another bag - into your suitcase. A tote or messenger size in a soft material works best. Just in case, you know, you go shopping while you're on vacation or something...

And finally, get a floppy summer hat. Because I said so. 

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