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Tips for wearing a bralette, because summer isn't over yet

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I know it's Aug. 8, and school starts this week, and summer is winding down in the collective consciousness, but when you're an adult without children who lives in the State of Perpetual Heat, summer fever can last until Christmas.  

That's where I'm at right now, and that's why an email from JC Penney this morning extolling the virtues of its $10 bralettes caught my eye.  

Bralettes! Let's discuss.  

What is a bralette? "Bralette" is a made-up word used to describe a fancier, flimsier bra. They're usually lacy, often racerback, with thick straps meant to be seen poking out from under shirts.   

Who should wear a bralette? Much like the ubiquitous crop top, bralettes are heavily marketed to the teen/young millennial crowd, as evidenced by their prevalence in the Charlotte Russes of the world. But as with the crop top, anyone should feel comfortable dipping their toe into Bralette Bay. It's all about appropriate circumstances. On a summer romp in a new city? By all means, trot out that bralette. At a raucous party one of your younger colleagues is hosting? Beach vacay? EDM festival? Yas, yas, yas.     

How do I actually wear a bralette? Bralettes aren't the most supportive things in the world, but many of them are substantial enough to be worn as your actual undergarment. My friend who wears a 34FF and works in a lingerie store suggests they are best for women who wear up to a C or D cup. ("If you're a curvy girl, always err on the side of support," she wisely says.) Think of the bralette as an accessory, a subtle way to add lacy flare to your get-up. They can also be worn as fancier sports bras, for when you want to look cute in a situation that doesn't require a shirt but won't be doing any actual exercise. They're very comfortable, almost like you're wearing PJs in public, which is a definite Pro on the bralette pro-con list. 

I asked my friend Katie, who has been on the hunt for a solid bralette, how she is planning on wearing hers, and this is what she said: There are a couple of ways I could see myself wearing a bralette. One, in a very casual, out-to-run-errands way with either a deep v-neck shirt or muscle tank (depending on the bralette) and yoga pants. Or, two, in a dressed up style to go out for some drinks. For this I might rock it with some sort of flowy cami and high-wasted skirt or skinny jeans. 

What are some fun bralettes I can buy right now?

JC Penney has many of theirs on sale right now, including this solid, supportive-looking option and this one if you want to play it safer.

From Forever 21, how about this pretty standard lilac version, or this white halter one?

Victoria's Secret has a bunch, like this maroon gem, this floral lace number in an amazing shade of green or this red spaghetti strap one.

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