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Tips on packing like a pro

The essentials: suitcase, carry-on, Vanity Fair style issue.

The essentials: suitcase, carry-on, Vanity Fair style issue.



I went home to Western New York for the week to visit family, and as I was packing for the trip last week, I realized something -- I'm really bad at packing. It used to not be so. I used to be able to compactly get everything into a carry-on bag and be on my merry way. But somewhere along the way, I've gotten really bad at it.

I just let all my bad packing skills go for this trip, but in the meantime, found some good tips for packing like a socialite that's always jetting off to some fashion week or other (I imagine they're pros at packing. I could be wrong). Here are some of the ones I found, with links to more great tips. Do as the blogs say, not as I do.

Make a list. I am the ultimate list maker -- grocery lists, to-do lists, lists of TV shows I plan on watching in the fall. Lists as far as the eye can see! I did not make a list this time when I packed. As Lauren Conrad suggests, I really should've made a list.

Mix and match the essentials. The Everygirl suggests a few pieces that, depending on your trip, are good for mixing and matching and keeping your suitcase from overflowing. They also suggest putting a dry cleaning bag on top of all your clothes in your suitcase so nothing gets snagged on the zipper. Not something I ever thought of, but that seems like a good idea.

Get organized. My biggest problem with packing is staying organized. Everything just ends up sort of rolled in my suitcase or, in the case of things like makeup and jewelry, haphazardly put in plastic sandwich bags. Check out this site for some good tips on staying organized, like using pill cases for small things like earrings.

Got any good packing tips? Share in the comments or @dealdivas!


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