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To tuck or not to tuck?



As I was getting ready for work this morning, I had a moment of hesitation.

Staring into the mirror, I thought: Does this untucked button down shirt look sloppy?

I wanted to change, but I was already running late.

Instead, I tucked just the front center section of my shirt into my jeans and slid on a brown belt.

Instantly, I felt more polished and put together. Confident enough, even, to wear a chambray shirt with polka dot jeans. To work.

A spin around the world of fashion blogs tells me that the partial tuck is a thing. Ladies are discovering that a front tuck nips in the waist but leaves rear problem spots covered.

Fashion website Who What Wear even did an entire How To slidewhow, folks.

Just remember, not all trends work for all people or situations.

For example: When I tucked just one side of a button down shirt into my jeans at a recent family gathering, three aunts approached me separately and quietly (bless their hearts) told me that my shirt had become untucked.

I told them it was a fashiony thing and they nodded like they understood.

Later, when one of my shirt buttons came undone, no one told me. When I asked why, my aunt said she wasn't sure if it was a fashiony thing.

Lesson learned.

So, what do you think? Is the partial tuck something you do?

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