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Today's question: You found $200. Do you splurge?



A hypothetical money pile is on the ground. It didn't fall out of anyone's wallet. There's no one frantically searching for it in the park who is likely to say "bless your heart" for returning it.

It just appeared. For you. Now are you going to splurge on something or what?

I started thinking about this question when I spied a gorgeous rose gold Michael Kors watch with a cobalt blue face for $195. I would never buy a watch for that price. One, I don't wear watches. And two, the colors are trendy now but bound to go out of style, making it hard to write off as a classic buy I will have forever (not that we do that, no, never).

Still... If I just happened upon the money I needed to buy it, and I wasn't allowed to consider saving it or donating it or doing anything other than splurging, I'd totally go for it. 

What would you buy?

I was telling Stephanie about my idea for this blog, and she said, "That is so weird. I am preparing to buy a Michael Kors watch." I jumped to some conclusions and said some not-nice things, thinking she was going after the one thing I want. Good news! It turns out she has a gift card and is only eyeing a similar style. Phew.

We're friends again and dreaming of tasting the lifestyle we see from stylish celebs like Mindy Kaling on Instagram just once, thanks to our impossible rules and free money.

Dream with me, readers. If you could spruce up your closet or jewelry box with one thing, what would it be? I want linksand reasons! We could make a dreamy slideshow if this goes right.

To the Pinterest boards!

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