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Try this app if you want to pocket some good sales



Hey kids. Have you heard of the thredUP app? Don't worry, we handn't until a couple days ago.

Deal Divas friend Brittany Volk, a page designer at the Times, came to work the other day in an adorable ensemble. I immediately zeroed in on her printed, pastel blouse.

"Cute. Where'd you get it from?" I asked.

She held up her phone. (Pause. Can we take a minute to appreciate how futuristic our lives are? Hi, I'm an alien and I buy clothes with my phone. #technology)

At this point, you may be rolling your eyes. How often these days do you hear or read of the latest, greatest, trust-me-this-is AH-MAZING smartphone app and inside all you can think is, "Yeah, whatever"?

Stay with me on this one. Afterall, this time, we actually have some evidence to back up the hype.

thredUP, based in San Francisco, has been around for a few years. It sells used clothing that's been screened and selected before it comes to you.

Or, if you want to clean out your own closet, you can order a special bag, fill it up and send your stuff back. In return, you get either credit or cash.

Besides selling its stuff over the internets, it also has and online store, which you can find here.

Basically, thredUP wants to be your favorite pocket consignment shop.

So how does it rank? Brittany seems impressed. She said her blouse was clean and in good condition when she got it. She said it was a little strange having to guess at sizes, but she got lucky and made out OK (the company hasa 30-day return window).

She also said it comes in pretty packaging.

Enough to tempt you yet? It was for me. I'm about to download in 5, 4, 3, 2...

[Last modified: Thursday, March 27, 2014 6:37pm]


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