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Trying to find something to love about Rihanna's new fashion line



Oh Ri Ri.

We love you. We really do. And we hope you come to your senses and leave Chris Brown alone, for good, one of these days.

We were all so curious about your new line, Rihanna for River Island, which premiered at London Fashion Week a few days ago,

In your YouTube video promoting it, you talked about it being "casual" and "not too sexy." You said "Everyone can wear this line."

Well, I can't. Because I need to wear a bra. And pants.

What happened here? Don't get me wrong, I like casual just as much as the next chick. But even I draw the line at a mesh crop top and matching, calf-length skirt.

And if I'm going to spend what I'm sure will be an over-priced amount on a celebrity-designed top, I want it to be more than a knotted white T-shirt. Or a skirt that has a jacket sewn around the waist (already styled!)

But we really need to talk about this unhealthy obsession with overalls and baggy jumpsuits.

I will say though, that you know how to make a killer slinky long jersey dress with thigh-high slit. Too bad THAT has never been on my shopping list.

Sigh. It's ok. You're still a diamond, shining bright. Maybe we'll find love ... in next year's collection.

-Deal Diva Kameel

[Last modified: Thursday, February 21, 2013 2:32pm]


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