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Unlimited blowouts for $99? Where's my wine?

When you get your hair blow dried by a professional, you're able to strangle annoying men with it!


When you get your hair blow dried by a professional, you're able to strangle annoying men with it!



A few weeks ago, I had a beauty chair revelation. Getting a blowout is the actual best.

For our friend and co-worker Eve's wedding, I had to consider my guest-status hair. I didn't want to get an updo or anything too formal (that's reserved for bridesmaids, IMO, or the bride's Crazy Aunt Lucille with the birds in her basement). But I was also chilling on the lazy tip that weekend and wanted some help. I decided to book a blowout at the mall. 

I've had a blowout once before, and I don't mean the one that comes at the end of your regular hair appointment. I mean a specialty blowout designed purely for styling the hair you come in with. Perhaps I didn't fully relax through that one at BlowBar in Tampa because I was busy paying attention and reporting for this in-depth blowout narrative

This time, at Styleout in Westfield Countryside, I had no other concern but to get my hair on fleek. As the stylist shampooed and meticulously dried sections of my hair, I realized the experience combined all the very best parts of getting your hair done, and none of the worst. Getting highlights and color is smelly and tedious and can take hours. Getting your hair cut requires you to sit pretty still and hope this person you're trusting is not on the bag with your ex to make you look like Lloyd Christmas.

Getting your hair washed and dried is basically a luxury head massage. I sipped a smoothie and stared out into the mall in a daze as people walked by looking tired and lugging Payless bags. It was wonderful. I didn't want it to end. In fact, I want to go back right now.

My blowout was in the $30 range, and I have long hair. It's not too much for a special occasion visit, but it is too much if you want to go all the time. That's like, money people who drink Chardonnay at lunch on a Tuesday have.

Maybe blowout joints are getting the hint that people would come much more often if priced better? Reporter Amy Scherzer sent me a tip yesterday that Eyes On You Salon and Spa in Tampa is offering unlimited blowouts for $99 a month. If you go weekly, it's worth it. And, they offer last minute bookings (online, too) up to 30 minutes ahead of the appointments. I've never been to this salon, so I can't vouch, but it seems like a good deal. Allegedly, they give you SNACKS!!!11! Let us know if you go.

Welp, back to sitting here with average hair I dried myself.

[Last modified: Friday, February 5, 2016 3:33pm]


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