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We need to revisit those hair-tie bracelets

How much are you willing to pay for a fashionable, functional wrist accessory?


How much are you willing to pay for a fashionable, functional wrist accessory?



Man, what a day, a week, a year it's been in news, and not just for political journalists. But okay, I have to say, especially for political journalists. With the conventions and debates and ads coming to swarm our TVs these next few months, I'm already just feeling like

No really, we'll be okay. We love this!

All of that was to explain how I missed a blogpost by former Diva Lydia back in May with a nugget about a stunning invention very relevant to my interests.

You know how you go all day with a hair elastic on your wrist just in case you want to throw up a ponytail? And how it leaves ghastly red marks and breaks up an otherwise solid arm party?

I can't ever stop this — I've done it since middle school. But it sure hurts sometimes.

Guys, someone had a great idea. Specifically, engineers Shireen Thor and her husband, Arni. Arni came up with the idea for a metal bracelet that discreetly doubles as a hair-tie vessel for Shireen.

You slip on the bittersweet bracelet, and then slide the elastic over it, as demo'd below.

It's a smart idea that is easy to picture inside stockings or care packages.

The item was picked up by the invention site The Grommet, where you can buy it in shades of silver, gold and rose gold for — actually, this is where the story gets sad.

The price is $45 for one stainless steel bracelet.

$45! For one! 

I know my audience, and I don't see us jumping to put this in our shopping cart. 

But mad late-Friday props for the idea.

[Last modified: Friday, June 24, 2016 6:23pm]


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