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WEDDING WEEK STARTS MONDAY. We want your questions!



Remember how Katie tried to slip the exciting news of her engagement into her run-of-the-mill blog post about gel nail polish this week? She was like, "la la la nail polish la la la cough cough I got a huge rock and soon I will be wed cough gel manis ler ler ler."

Yeah, we're not having that.

Since subtlety is the devil, and since it's high summer wedding season, we are celebrating this very special Deal Diva Engagement with Wedding Week, starting Monday! Each day, we'll tackle a different topic relating to wedded bliss. What topics? That's where you come in.

Send us your questions, thoughts, ideas and general Haterade about all things wedding and we'll focus our posts on them. This is not just for the brides of the world (bless you, sweet sweet-faces, but four out of five of your Deal Divas are unmarried and unengaged over here). This can be about you as a wedding guest. You as a bridesmaid. You as a mother of the bride. You as someone who presses her nose to the glass of the Harborview Center during wedding season and sings a somber refrain of I Who Have Nothing.

Some ideas to get you started:

What do I wear if the couple doesn't really describe the dress code? What is "white tie," anyway? Is that a catering uniform? Can I wear a white dress to a... (no).

I am a bridesmaid. Can I ever really wear that dress again, or is that just political propaganda designed to make me fall in line like a lemming in floor-length blush taffeta with a superfluous sash that cuts me right above the food baby? Is it time for an UPRISING?

The bride is making me wear nude pantyhose and ringlets with glitter glue hairspray that she found in the Caboodle we took to Camp Training Bra 15 years ago. Can I say no? In what ring of the inferno will this land me?

How can I find a pair of wedding shoes that don't look like they came off the Payless Dyeable rack from 1994? What if I LIKE the Payless Dyeable rack from 1994? Can you just leave me alone?

I am a mother of the betrothed. Do I have to wear a sequined caftan with sensible heels and/or a tight, short perm? Or can I be a human being and show my human being arms? Will my daughter-in-law let me out of the attic soon?

What are the best Jell-O shots to feed your guests? How many Jell-O shots is too many Jell-O shots? Is it bad to sample your own wedding Jell-O shots just to make sure they're not weird? How many... wait, let me just try another... how many hersterfersen is derp derp Jell-O yum?

How can I talk to my groom about his unfortunate taste in Tiffany blue cummerbunds? Or similary, how can I get my groom to acquiesce to my AWESOME taste in Tiffany blue cummerbunds?

So let's hear it! What topics would you like your Deal Divas to tackle next week? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @DealDivas and we'll get to work. Meanwhile, enjoy a trip down memory lane in the slideshow above with some of our favorite fictional and real-life wedding friends. Kimye needs love too, guys.

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