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When will we take our own rainy day advice?

When it rains, we're just like SPLASHHHH.

When it rains, we're just like SPLASHHHH.



This is for every person who cannot even deal with the rain this week -- for our cold toes trapped in soggy flats, for soaked hems of office pants, for the sweater we need but do not have now that we're cold from running through the summer rain.  

Think your Deal Divas have it all figured out? (Ha ha, why would you do that?) Reconsider. We're eager to dish out advice for weathering stormy days, but we rarely take it ourselves.

Here's a reminder that no one is perfect, and the quest to survive rain with elegance and grace is endless.

We never wear the right shoes

As the rain trickled down yesterday, Deal Diva Stephanie shared great, relevant tips about tastefully fun wet weather footwear. She wrote it while wearing awesome, rain-repellent Harajuku Lovers wedges.

It's raining even harder today, but Stephanie is wearing rain-absorbent suede wedges. I, too, am wearing my favorite suede heels despite taking in Stephanie's post and writing my own version of "tips for rainy day shoes."

SUEDE = NOT A GOOD IDEA. We learned nothing from ourselves.

So I'm calling it -- In another six months, we will post about cute rainboot options on a wet day, just like Deal Diva alumna Emily did in 2011, when she shrugged at the $20 price tag and doubted whether they will ever really come in handy. Oh, and also like I did in 2012, when I showed up to work in heels despite Tropical Storm Debby's reminder that "it's past time to purchase heavy-duty waterproof shoes for Florida's sometimes awful and dangerous hurricane season."

Note to Katie: It is still past time. You have been a Floridian forever. Get it together.

We never have cute umbrellas

That brings me to another lesson from today. We tried to make a break back to the office after lunch. I asked Stephanie to open the purple umbrella I keep at my desk to shield us both.

Fail. It would not stay open, and we trudged back to the office ever vulnerable to the elements.

I should have locked down a new, reliable and cute umbrella by now -- perhaps one suggested a few months ago by Deal Diva Keeley, or by Emily years ago. But no. Now my umbrella is in a trash can, slightly opened-up because it would not close even as it met trash-death.

Hey, at least I tried.

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