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Your Outfit Monday: Braving a jumpsuit



A few weeks ago, I received exciting news from a stylish friend and loyal blog reader, Leanna McKenzie. She bought a jumpsuit, a somewhat risky departure for a lady who favors a consistently crisp, classy look.

The jumpsuit made its very successful debut at a birthday celebration this weekend. Here are all the details in her voice.

Deal Diva Katie: Love the jumpsuit. Where did you find it?

Leanna: I got the jumpsuit at Nordstrom Rack, but I confess I have no idea what brand it was. I think it was around $30, which for a top and pants together isn't too bad.

The shoes were from Ross. I liked wearing flats because it allowed the pants to barely skim the ground.

Were you at all worried about wearing it out for the first time?

I was definitely a little nervous about wearing it. It's very different than anything else I typically wear. I think getting it in navy made it more accessible to me. I didn't want a loud print to act as a big arrow pointing to me.

I loved your jewelry -- very reinvented retro. Tell me about the long chain with a thin bar at the end (so Joan Holloway Harris of Mad Men) and why you doubled it up with a shorter horseshoe charm.

I know layering jewelry is supposed to be "in," so I wanted to make the outfit seem more updated. I got the necklaces as a pair from The Oxford Trunk online. $28 for both, which is a little steep, but I've worn either one or both almost everyday since buying them.

Your bag was Crate & Barrel. What? How? 

We were trying to use up wedding gift cards and there it was! Technically free. They have a "travel and bags" section.

Good to know. You've been holding onto this jumpsuit for a few weeks. What made you decide to wear it Saturday?

I knew we were going to start at Mise en Place, which felt really dressy to me, but then we were going to end at Independent/ Mermaid Tavern, which are really casual. I felt like this walked the line nicely.

* * *

Leanna added, "I also knew that you and Stephanie would be there to back up my decision," and we totally did. Fashion risks are always easier when you know at least someone in the crowd will get it.

What do you think of her look? Pretty great, right? 

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