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Your Outfit Monday: Reunited (with boots) and it feels so good



Times assistant metro editor Molly Moorhead had a boots success story that was too good not to be told. Please enjoy this edition of Your Outfit Monday.

First, let me back up. 

Way back in the winter of 2013, I needed brown boots. Like, needed needed. I won the footwear lottery when I found some delicious chocolate brown suede beauties from Anthropologie. Regular price: $278. Sale price: $105. On the Anthropologie scale of unattainability, that's like finding them on the side of the road. I strutted and beamed through the 11 days a year of boots weather we get in Tampa Bay.

Fast forward through life, and I sorta, kinda forgot about my boots. Hey, I had other stuff going on! Like being pregnant. Through the fall of 2014 I was great with child. I was not wearing boots. I was not wearing anything but slipper-like flats that contained my chubby feet and kept my waddling, unbalanced form upright. 

My son was born late on Christmas Eve that year (behold his visage), and as all procreating humans know, ain't nobody with a newborn rocking knee-high boots. For oh-a-month-or-two, I wore only slippers. I did well to brush my teeth once a day.

So we're back in the now. My son is almost 14 months old and I'm doing the workin' mom thing. I look pretty profesh three-ish days a week. (The other two are when he forgets our understanding about sleeping through the night.) A few days ago I was gazing up into my closet, pondering what to wear to work, when I noticed this long flat box. And the memories came flooding back.

Last Monday, I paired my old friends with dark wash skinny jeans and a dark floral top. It was such a special reunion for me and my BBFs (see what I did there?), like no time had passed. Today, we're skipping through the office together in a knee-length black skirt from StitchFix and a whimsical collarless blouse also from StitchFix. (Highly recommend StitchFix, btw. Do it. Take the leap.) I had some misgivings about the black-brown pairing, and then decided to emancipate myself from such thinking. 

My boots and I were apart for so long, nothing's gonna stop us now.

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